Idaho HIMSS Call for Nominations

The Idaho chapter of HIMSS is welcoming nominations of candidates for positions on the chapter Board of Directors. All nominees must be active IDHIMSS members in good standing. The following positions are available for nominees:

  • President
  • Future President / Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Programs Chair
  • Web Chair

All other positions are by assignment. Below are brief descriptions for each available role:


The President is the lead officer of the Chapter responsible for calling and presiding at
Chapter board meetings as well as providing direction to other officers, members of the
board and the members of the Chapter.


Future President / Vice President -

The vice president and/or president-elect generally assist and assume responsibilities of the
president when s/he is not available. The combination of the vice president and/or
president-elect position helps to ensure a smooth leadership transition as the future
president gains experience in a leadership role prior to becoming president. It is
recommended that HIMSS Chapters utilize the combined vice president and/or presidentelect
officer position.


Treasurer - 

The Treasurer acts as the chief financial officer of the Chapter and manages all income and
expenses, bank accounts and financial records including recording and depositing program
fees, issuing and signing checks for approved expenses and obtaining the signature of a cosigner,
preparing regular financial reports, filing any reports required by the government.
Ensuring that annual budgets are prepared and monitored, and obtaining audits and
ensuring an independent audit is conducted annually.


Secretary - 

The Secretary maintains the records and rosters. Duties generally include: taking minutes
at regular and special board meetings, sending meeting notices and agendas accompanied
by minutes (preferably within two weeks of the meetings) and maintaining an official board
book of all documents relating to official meetings (meeting notices, agendas, minutes and
any material given to board members – i.e. reports.)


Programs Chair - 

The Program Chair provides leadership to the board and program committee in developing
plans for and implementation of educational and professional development offerings to the
members and its broader healthcare audience.


Web Chair -

The web chair provides leadership to the program and membership committees in developing and maintaining the Chapter's website.



Please provide nominations by May 15, 2019 by clicking the following link: