Transform Healthcare With A Solid AI Strategy

July 30, 8:00am, MDT - 9:00am, MDT


About this webinar

Discussion Topics:

  • The imperative for AI in healthcare
  • The AI value proposition
  • Where we’re seeing AI adoption in healthcare
  • What you need to do to jump-start your AI strategy

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is slowly becoming a ubiquitous part of healthcare administration, operations, care delivery, research and discovery. Yet, many CIOs and C-suite leadership still feel it is over-hype and fail to understand the value proposition and it’s transformative, disruptive potential. AI technology innovations that could reduce costs, improve outcomes and decrease risk are being ignored. The industry will soon splinter between those organizations leading the industry’s transformation with game-changing technologies and those entrenched in old ways of doing business. This complimentary webinar explores the difference between those two sides: A solid AI strategy.


Hosted by
Laura Craft,
VP Analyst