Technology Enabled Strategies to Optimize a Return to Care, Prioritize High Risk Patients, and Re-Engage Populations

June 24, 11:00am, MDT - 12:00pm, MDT




What you'll learn

The new normal in healthcare is yet to be defined.  Yet, there are practical steps that can address health system financial health while addressing the backlog of care with both agility and precision.  The objective of this session is to create a thought leadership platform to create visibility into “What’s Next for U.S. Healthcare Systems.”  The industry is grappling with the effects of surgeries being canceled, routine care postponed, while business models are rapidly shifting. Some of the hardest-hit hospitals may close, leaving patients with fewer options for care.  This session will share ideas around innovative approaches--specifically technology enabled solutions—that can help hospitals and health systems navigate turbulent times.

In this session, attendees will learn about:­­­­

  • Effective methodologies to support clinicians as they make complex decisions by helping providers identify patients who are at the highest risk of developing severe symptoms
  • Navigating the new virtual settings that may become commonplace
  • Addressing the “new normal” as it relates to both care and cost priorities, participants will understand the need to identify patients in need of routine care, prioritize patients at highest risk, and optimize care delivery
  • Developing an understanding of how an AI-based solution for early detection of high burden disease can enhance risk stratification, clinician decision making, patient activation, and resource allocation