Supporting the Frontline: Leveraging Digital to Maintain Continuity of Care for Patients with Chronic Conditions in Times of Health Crises

August 26, 8:00am, MDT - 9:00am, MDT




What you'll learn

The COVID-19 crisis created an unprecedented disruption for health systems across the world and has taken priority over other non-communicable diseases. The need for continuity of care for patients withchronic conditions did not stop during the outbreak. But routine follow-ups and chronic condition care pathways were put on hold, compounded by strict lock-down rule and the reluctance of many patients to attend hospital.

Health systems are now confronted with the challenge of catching up with non-communicable diseases while at the same time responding to the current critical public health situation and maintaining quality and continuity of care for their most vulnerable patient cohorts. This session will explore how health care leaders and clinicians have rapidly coordinated solutions to reach patients in need, combining digital supports, remote monitoring, telehealth and appropriate messaging to engage patients in new methods of accessing their usual care and allowing early intervention for potential complication.

Learning points:                                    

  • Learn how COVID-19 has taken precedence over other non-communicable diseases and how health systems are assessing the backlog and organizing their catching up with non-COVID patients
  • Examine how we can harness our data analytics capabilities to identify, prioritize and connect with these patients that are most at-risk of complications
  • Explore how technology can help maintain continuity of care in times of health crises but also beyond the current outbreak
  • Understand the risks and benefits of the rapid shift to a new digital model of healthcare during Covid-19 for patients and healthcare professionals