Success Factors for Older Adults in Digital Health Training and Caregiver Support

October 27, 11:00am, MDT - 12:00pm, MDT




What you'll learn

Clinicians, patients, and patients’ caregivers are turning to technology enabled solutions as a means of better coordinating care, monitoring health status, and managing the health conditions of older adults. While technology adoption amongst this group continues to rise, even the “tech smart” need training and support. This is an important success factor for healthcare providers who are deploying or considering to deploy connected health technology solutions to their senior patients. 

The onboarding and support experiences for patients and their caregivers are vital to both initial adoption and ongoing engagement in connected health care plans. Join us for this webinar where we will focus on how seniors and their personal caregivers are being trained to use technology.

Our expert panelists will discuss who seniors should expect to help them with their digital health technology needs – and how they are influencing and engaging older adults’ use of tech. We’ll also look at how their programs may have pivoted as a result of COVID-19 and what we can all anticipate in relation to this topic post-pandemic. 

During this webinar we will:

  • Investigate digital health technology training needs of older adults
  • Consider a variety of approaches proven to be effective in the onboarding and continued support
  • Explore resources available to clinical organizations, programs and families
  • Outline steps to ensure older adults experience success in adopting digital tools