Spin Crisis into Success: How to Evolve Your Healthcare Startup Beyond COVID-19

June 26, 10:00am, MDT - 11:00am, MDT




What you'll learn

Every health innovator is asking: “What moves do I need to make right now? How can I make sure my business is still relevant and viable when this crisis is over?” But it’s hard to know what parts of your market strategy need to change and what should stand. It’s even harder to know what’s the best path to make sure your business remains competitive and flourishes in the new COVID economy. Without a decision-making framework, it’s easy to overlook important details and get derailed by individual biases and agendas. It’s also challenging to make sure everyone on your team is on the same page. But, when you have a decision-making framework to guide your strategy development process, you can chart your course to better business outcomes with speed, clarity, and confidence.

Join us as John Sharp and Dr. Roxie Mooney walk you through current market trends and an evidence-based framework to help you build your most viable and profitable market strategy.

In this 60-minute webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The most significant market changes that startups are facing
  • How to uncover the critical gaps in your strategy, like how your customers’ needs and priorities have changed
  • How to compare your pre-COVID market strategy to several new pivot scenarios
  • Inspiring stories from other business that found wild success during history’s most devastating times