A Security Solution to Simplify Patient Care

May 5, 12:00pm, MDT - 1:00pm, MDT




What you'll learn

Healthcare records remain one of the “holy grail” personally identifiable information (PII) data types for cyber-criminals. With patient data being more valuable to attackers than ever, alongside stricter HIPAA and HITECH compliance requirements and an ever-growing device inventory to manage, IT teams must account for these risks in their planning. To mitigate the risks being faced efficiently, healthcare organizations need to adopt a ‘zero-trust’ security approach and start viewing every threat surface, access point, identity and login attempt as the new security perimeter.

By deploying solutions that can verify users and establish device trust while protecting every application (both cloud and legacy), healthcare organizations can quickly and effectively reduce the threat surface and meet compliance requirements.

Join this webinar to:

  • Understand the relevance of zero-trust approach in healthcare
  • Expand your security practice by verifying users with strong multi-factor authentication
  • Reduce the threat surface by understanding the security posture of devices
  • Balance security and usability with granular access policies
  • Address regulatory compliance requirements with a zero-trust security approach