Reopening Health Care During the Public Health Emergency

July 16, 11:00am, MDT - 12:00pm, MDT




About this webinar

Presented by Virginia Gleason, Senior Manager, Advisory Services, nThrive

With COVID-19 a part of the continued public health landscape, hospitals must identify how to best meet the health care needs of infectious patients while continuing to provide diagnostic treatment and care to the public at large. Virginia Gleason, senior manager of Advisory Services at nThrive, will explore the measures that can be implemented as part of responsibly re-opening non-emergent health care services. She will address the data necessary to self-regulate provision of these services and defend against a potential second push from state or federal regulators to limit hospital services, which occurred in the pre- and early pandemic period.


1) Review claims comparison data for diagnostic and screening procedures for 2020 as compared to prior years

2) Evaluate the impacts of diagnostic and treatment delays

3) Determine how to monitor the safe and responsible reopening of non-emergent health care

4) Discuss procedures intended to “identify, isolate and contact trace” COVID-19 cases as part of non-emergent care

5) Offer insight into self-regulating the provision of non-emergent health care

6) Identify key steps to stabilize the financial health of your organization through meeting the clinical needs of non-emergent patients