Reflecting on COVID-19 Through the Lens of Machine Learning and AI

February 16, 12:00pm, MST - 1:00pm, MST




What you'll learn

Nothing proved the saying that necessity is the mother of invention like the emergence of COVID-19 and the ensuing pandemic. Case in point: Machine learning and artificial intelligence stepped to the front like never before and became key components in fighting the pandemic and its unique challenges. 

Almost overnight, healthcare had to figure out a way to test, treat and manage potentially contagious patients remotely. While emergency rooms filled, clinicians had to triage and treat patients, manage ICUs and evolving care modalities, communicate with family members, all while staying nearly fully contactless. 

In this webinar, attendees will hear how leading healthcare provider organizations deployed machine learning and AI during the pandemic to address these and other challenges. Importantly, speakers will discuss their lessons learned and how the pandemic changed the industry’s relationship with these transformative technologies moving forward. 

Key discussion points:

  • Lessons learned about deployment and implementation during the pandemic
  • What are some of the key challenges that remain in deploying this technology?
  • Has the use of MLAI during COVID-19 changed how it might be deployed going forward?
  • What foundational knowledge do healthcare organizations need to leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence?
  • How has staff interaction with this technology changed in 2020?