Population Health: Tackling Health Disparities with Data and Health IT

October 20, 12:00pm, MDT - 1:00pm, MDT




What you'll learn

Social determinants of health underlie many of today’s major health challenges, including obesity, heart disease, diabetes and depression. What’s more, COVID-19 has exposed significant racial health inequities, with federal data showing Black and Latino people nearly three times more likely to be infected and twice as likely to die from the virus compared to their white neighbors.

In this special HIMSS webinar, population health experts from leading healthcare organizations explain that to deliver better health and outcomes to socially disadvantaged populations requires leveraging data analytics, artificial intelligence, interoperability and community-based organization engagement.

Please join HIMSS for this deep dive into one of healthcare’s most pressing and deep-seeded challenges.

Key discussion points: 

  • Addressing healthcare data challenges, and creating a framework for leveraging data and analytics to adjust for social risk factors
  • Integrating platforms and technology into provider workflow to address social determinants
  • Developing a business case to address social determinants of health
  • Measuring the ROI of addressing social determinants and making wise technology investments