Network Infrastructure: Building the Foundation for Secure Patient-Care Centered Technologies

April 22, 11:00am, MDT - 12:00pm, MDT




What you'll learn
As healthcare becomes more dependent on myriad technologies for the delivery of all aspects of patient care, the networks and data that power these technologies become correspondingly important. Gigamon, provider of network visibility, security and analytics solutions to enterprises across industries including healthcare providers, insurance companies and government agencies, shares use cases on how it has helped healthcare organizations such as John Hopkins, Cardinal Health, Seattle Cancer Alliance, BUPA, and Beijing Children’s Hospital gain more visibility, control and security over their networks and patient data.

Join us to learn about:
  • The challenges healthcare organizations face as they seek to balance delivering innovation patient care with data security
  • The security and operational challenges healthcare organizations face in handling encrypted data
  • The move towards Zero Trust as the basis for healthcare security models
  • How gaining visibility into all of the data in your organization is foundational to powering innovation, operational efficiency and security