Leveraging Vendor Neutral Archive Systems to Improve Clinical, Operational and Financial Outcomes

November 3, 6:00am, MST - 7:00am, MST




What you'll learn

The use of digital imaging and the number of archived images have grown exponentially in recent years. With the ongoing digital transformation of European health systems, this rapid growth is set to continue. While storing, retrieving and translating proprietary archived images requires a lot of precious time from clinicians and hospital staff, Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA) systems allow them to communicate more efficiently with other caregivers, departments and hospital systems. Having a full view of the patient record, accessible anywhere, anytime, also eliminates silos and allows faster and better-informed clinical decisions.

As a result, clinicians can focus on their clinical function and spend more time with their patients. How do we leverage the accelerated digital transformation of health systems around the world to promote a broader adoption of VNAs? In this Digital Dialogue, experts from leading European healthcare providers will demonstrate how the use of VNAs has enabled a more integrated approach and efficient collaboration within the extended care team, resulting in improved clinical outcomes, enhanced operational efficiencies and a better patient experience.

Learning Points:

  • Discover use cases from leading European healthcare providers using VNAs to boost their operational efficiency, improve clinical outcomes, deliver a better patient experience and reduce costs.
  • Examine the direct correlation between operational efficiencies and improved patient outcomes.
  • Discuss why and how we need to promote a broader use of VNAs across European health systems.