Leveraging AI/ML to Extract Real-World Insights from Population-scale Clinical Lab Data

October 30, 1:00pm, MDT - 2:00pm, MDT



About this webinar

With access to more than 25 billion records, Prognos manages the largest collection of clinical lab test records in the United States. Despite the volume of this data, they are able to gain real-world insights to better understand the journeys and risk profiles of patients. To translate the data into improved clinical practice and therapeutic development, Prognos built a set of automated data pipelines and over 12,000 custom machine learning algorithms on the Databricks Unified Data Analytics Platform on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Attend this webinar to see:

  • How to streamline data pipelines, while maintaining flexibility and control over workflows as needed
  • The sophisicated way Prognos refines, standardizes and enriches clinical lab data
  • How they clinically interpret medical lab data configured with 6,325 rules
  • A unified data and analytics platform that facilitates collaboration, removes the overhead of dev ops tasks and enables deployment



Presented by:


Frank Austin Nothaft, PhD

Technical Director of Healthcare and Life Sciences


Adam Petranovich

Chief Data Scientist