The Interoperability Rule - an Open Opportunity

September 29, 10:00am, MDT - 11:00am, MDT




What you'll learn

How can healthcare providers and payers turn a compliance exercise into an opportunity to improve healthcare outcomes? The most recent HHC Interoperability rule compliance originally starting at the beginning of 2021, now delayed until mid-year 2021 that requires Medicare Advantage, Medicaid, CHIP and plans on the federal Exchanges to support a standardized API. The standardization will allow secure, digital access to patient data. Putting the patient in the driver’s seat by giving them an aggregated view of their overall healthcare. Providing more visibility, access and management of their healthcare regardless of origin. This opens the door for new innovation and competition by providing more choices in healthcare. The possibilities are endless.

How can Healthcare IT leaders build an infrastructure for now and the future?

Some considerations:

  1. Can you leverage the cloud to accelerate the patient or members experience?
  2. How does the interoperability rule accelerate digital transformation?
  3. How are you planning to use the interoperability rule to improve user experiences, e.g., clinician, patient, member and partner?

Join Axway and Amazon Web Services (AWS) for a lively discussion on how to turn a compliance exercise into an opportunity to improve healthcare outcomes.