Interoperability: Keeping the Patient at the Center of Healthcare

September 12, 2:00pm, MDT - 3:00pm, MDT



About this webinar

With information for 17 million patients, size is just one dimension of Manifest MedEx (MX), California's largest nonprofit health data network. Millions more data points are layered on to facilitate interoperability across combined clinical and claims data. 

In recognizing early on how crucial it was that its platform could scale to handle the state's growing population and constantly evolving integrations, MX sought out a highly scalable clinical data repository and data warehouse, an enterprise master patient index solution, and an integration engine. The health network also wanted to retain its existing IP around HL7 interfaces.

This webinar will provide an in-depth look at how InterSystems technology and AWS are helping MX to connect the dots on every patient record, delivering the information California payers and providers need as they move toward value-based care.

Learning points:

• How to handle data modeling, storage, management and workflows, as well as data replication and warehousing for analytics
• How MX is able to deliver its participating providers real time clinical and claims data, with such results as:
   o 39 percent drop in patients not seen within seven days of discharge
   o 3 percent fewer ER visits
   o 5 percent decrease in ER visits leading to hospitalization


Presented by:


David Kates

Chief Technology Officer
Manifest MedEx


Marc Mundt

Sales Engineer