Improving Clinical Efficiency by Consolidating Multiple Apps on One Mobile Device

February 18, 10:00am, MST - 11:00am, MST



What you'll learn

In the midst of challenges such as building expansions and evolving healthcare technology, Children’s of Alabama turned to mobile technology to enhance the clinician experience and help staff deliver care more efficiently. In this webinar, Chief Clinical Information Officer Stephanie Lenz, MSN, RN, will walk through one patient’s journey to show how nurses and physicians are using applications on a hospital-issued mobile device to reduce steps in what was traditionally a multiple-step (and sometimes overly creative) process.

Join us to learn: 

  • How mobile devices help enhance clinician experience and patient safety
  • A proven process for reducing steps in real-life clinical workflows
  • How patient monitoring, BCMA, and care team collaboration are more efficient with a mobile communications device


Presented by:

Stephanie Lenz, MSN, RN

Chief Clinical Information Officer
Children’s of Alabama