Implementing Digital Paper Communication Boards in a Boston Hospital: a Case Study

May 6, 12:00pm, MDT - 1:00pm, MDT




What you'll learn

The need to improve the patient and clinician experience is driving hospitals’ digitization efforts in order to enhance communication, improve workflow efficiency, and reduce medical errors.  Real-time data automated from an EMR/HER system onto a digital display can keep everyone informed, but many hospitals are facing two challenges: complex and costly installation, and the balance of making information available and preventing light pollution from the display from affecting patients. Digital Paper displays from E Ink can address all of these issues, and more. Join, followed by a panel discussion.

Attend this webinar with E Ink, MDM and Brigham Women’s Hospital as they present a case study on how Digital Paper Communication Boards can help hospitals to bridge the gap and bring their digitization into the 21st century.

Join us to:

  • Learn how a major hospital addressed their pain points through Digital Paper
  • See how easy it is to deploy Digital Paper in your facility – in some cases, without wires!
  • Understand how you can connect Digital Paper to your EHR/EMR systems
  • Discover how Digital Paper displays prevent light pollution, giving your patients more needed rest