Imaging In and Imaging Out: How to Simplify Your Workflow

February 12, 12:00pm, MST - 1:00pm, MST




What you'll learn

Leading facilities still find themselves overwhelmed by a stack of CDs in the film library. As networks continually expand and facilities find themselves with an increasing need to access priors to reduce duplicate imaging, the quest for streamlined image exchange continues to grow.  During this presentation, the audience will hear how facilities can balance their needs for a system that would make imaging available when and where it is needed and match patient data rapidly.

Join us as our speakers:

  • Identify broader healthcare trends towards increased image sharing, referral networks, and revenue generating programs
  • Discuss how efficient matching of patient data speeds up time-to-care delivery and improves clinical outcomes
  • Analyze the potential cost savings of eliminating image transfer on CDs and increasing overall staff productivity


Presented by:

Catherine Slotnick
Director of Marketing
Ambra Health