How Smart is Your Community? Defining the Role of Health IT Modernization in the Smart Communities-Cities Movement

September 23, 10:00am, MDT - 11:00am, MDT



About this webinar

Communities across the globe are on the front line of creating “smart cities/communities” given recent modernization efforts leveraging 21st Century digital technologies, the abundance of robust real-time health related data, and health and human services integration.

This webinar series will underscore the trends and opportunities established through the Smart Cities and Smart Communities movement which has prompted health officials, the healthcare industry and policy makers to reimagine how they could use the internet of things (IoT) and interoperable health IT solutions to address complex health issues relating to the quadruple aim, the impact of global health imperatives, and population health and wellness outcomes.

Learning objectives:

  1. Illustrate new pathways toward the evolution of strong and adaptable SMART local-state health systems of care and wellness
  2. Describe federal and state-focused policy initiatives that may improve health IT infrastructure through Smart Communities-Cities
  3. Discuss how the application of 21st Century healthcare strategies, innovative technologies and cross-sector data sharing informs public policy and smarter community-level responses
  4. Share model practices and policies


Presented by:

Chris Gibbons
Founder and CEO
The Greystone Group