Healthcare Transformation – Leveraging IOT for Better Patient and Clinical Outcomes

January 14, 8:00am, MST - 9:00am, MST




What you'll learn

Digital transformation in healthcare is the new reality, and Internet of Things (IOT) is at the forefront of that transformation, changing the fabric of how care is given and received.

Consumers are engaging differently with their healthcare - telehealth, connected devices and analytics are enhancing patient outcomes and engagement, while enabling clinicians to deliver better, faster care.

We’ll discuss best practices that can help providers modernize their environments and personalize care by leveraging technology and the data it produces to improve clinical effectiveness, cut costs and provide the highest quality of care.

Join us to:

  • Hear about how empowered patients are orchestrating their personal health and wellbeing, and how that is powering digital transformation in healthcare
  • Understand key technology enablers in today’s healthcare environment, and how IOT and analytics are impacting the future of patient experience and clinician engagement
  • Learn how your peers are accessing, managing and learning from data to improve clinical workflows, decision support and clinical collaboration


Presented by:

Bill Evans

Director of Architecture, IoT and Analytics


Rich Bird

World Wide Industry Marketing Manager for Healthcare and Life Sciences
Hewlett Packard Enterprise