Healthcare in the Cloud: What Matters Most in the Age of Cybercrime

January 21, 12:00pm, MST - 1:00pm, MST




What you'll learn

Healthcare organizations have accelerated their adoption of cloud in recent years in an effort to improve patient outcomes, reduce costs, and remain flexible during times of uncertainty. At the same time, healthcare providers need to be aware of the growing threat of cybercrime as it relates to securing patient data. With more sensitive data being generated every year, and with cybertheft increasing in frequency and sophistication, healthcare IT leaders now need to take an offensive and defensive approach to addressing data protection vulnerabilities.

iland Cloud has been helping healthcare providers secure, protect, and recover their critical data for over a decade. Join iland Cloud’s Justin Augat, VP Marketing and Brian Knudtson, Cloud Technologist to learn how the right combination of cloud technology, services, and experience can help your healthcare organization get the benefits of cloud while ensuring patient data is secure and available when it matters most. 

Learning Points

  • Learn about the growing threat of cybercrime in healthcare and what it means for your patient data
  • Understand how a defense in depth approach to securing, protecting and recovering data in the cloud provides the best offense and defense against cybercrime
  • See how iland helps healthcare providers in the cloud through proven, VMware-based solutions, multi-layered security and protection services, and unmatched industry and geographic compliance experience
  • Hear how the pandemic has shifted the healthcare space to tele-health and what security and infrastructure is needed to support that change