Health 2.0 Solutions at the Rescue During the Covid-19 Pandemic: Making tracking and healthcare access easier

October 12, 6:00am, MDT - 7:00am, MDT




What you'll learn

While COVID-19 has taken health systems by surprise and revealed a general lack of preparedness, an army of health start-ups and entrepreneurs around the world have rapidly joined the fight, sometimes by pivoting their activities, and played an important role in building an ecosystem response to the outbreak.

This webinar looks at the role Health 2.0 technologies, apps and virtual platforms have played in rapidly providing solutions to support self-assessment and triage, enable telehealth, maintain continuity of care, provide health and mental wellness support to patients and citizens from the safety of their homes, and collect valuable data to drive a more robust and precise response to the COVID-19 crisis.

Experts will also discuss how the outbreak has allowed Health 2.0 companies to build new evidence for agile solutions, and provided real-world use cases on how to overcome the challenges of fast-tracked deployments, including issues of evaluation, integration, safety, governance and digital literacy.

Learning objectives:

  • Discover how Health 2.0 start-ups have rapidly stepped up and contributed agile solutions to the COVID-19 ecosystem response.
  • Examine how to overcome challenges of fast-tracked, large-scale digital adoption and embedding of new tools and technologies into care pathways.
  • Discuss the best ways to keep this momentum for the adoption of Health 2.0 solutions and their long-term integration into a new normal for mainstream care.