Effective, End-to-End Covid-19 Vaccine Management for Providers

January 6, 11:00am, MST - 12:00pm, MST




What you'll learn

The world is anxiously awaiting a safe and effective COVID-19 vaccination to help all of us “return to normal,” which means state and local governments need a plan to rapidly roll it out once available. From resident enrollment, prioritization and provider registration to inventory tracking, adverse event management and compliance reporting, public health agencies have a lot to consider to ensure a mass vaccination program like this is successful.

That’s why on Jan 6 at 11am PT/2pm ET, Salesforce, Simplus and Infosys are joining together for an informative discussion on what an end-to-end COVID-19 vaccine management process looks like and how agencies can be prepared.

Register now for this hour-long event to hear::

  • Some issues you may not have been thinking about when it comes to COVID-19 vaccine management and how to overcome them
  • How new digital tools and technologies can help you scale and form a fast and transparent response
  • How the results of the election may impact your plan, and what your next steps forward should be to adjust and continue with your vaccination program