Discover the Ideal Healthcare IT Cloud Model

March 26, 10:00am, MDT - 11:00am, MDT




What you'll learn

Global conditions have driven healthcare IT (HIT) through a period of profound and rapid transformation. This year’s Enterprise Cloud Index: Healthcare Industry Findings garners insights from HIT decision-makers from around the world to give you an expansive view into how these forces are affecting their strategic priorities. The index reveals how these macroconditions are affecting the current and future state of cloud adoption.

In this webinar, we will discuss the findings of the report and what it tells us about how the most successful healthcare organizations are running their clinical, business and financial applications today, where they plan to run them in the future, challenges with cloud computing, and how their cloud initiatives stack up against other IT projects and priorities.

Join us to learn more about: 

  • The new role that HIT occupies due to changes wrought by the pandemic
  • How COVID-19 is changing current and future HIT infrastructure decisions
  • The strategic priorities that are driving change in HIT—spoiler alert: it’s not cutting costs
  • The steps that healthcare organizations are taking in their journeys towards hybrid cloud
  • How adopting hybrid cloud in the face of COVID-19 is translating to a range of new business processes and practices
  • And much more!