Cybersecurity Risk Management During a Pandemic: CISOs Share Best Practices and Lessons Learned

August 25, 10:00am, MDT - 11:00am, MDT




What you'll learn

COVID-19 has turned healthcare cybersecurity on its head. Since March 2020, security leaders at health systems, hospitals, physician practices and other provider organizations have grappled with the fast-moving demands of the pandemic. In a matter of days, healthcare organizations began sending legions of employees home to work remotely—leveraging technology and innovation to rapidly expand the use of telemedicine and video-conferencing platforms. 

Now, not only do healthcare security leaders have to maintain their daily, on-going duties, but they are forced to protect rapidly expanding infrastructures from more exploitative cyber threats and phishing attacks than ever before. 

In this special HIMSS webinar, security leaders from three respected healthcare organizations describe ongoing cybersecurity threats from the COVID-19 frontlines, how they’ve addressed security challenges thrust upon them and how the pandemic has accelerated a healthcare cybersecurity revolution with the increasingly “new normal” remote workforce.

Key discussion points and takeaways: 

  • Cybersecurity innovation for enabling remote work
  • Protecting expanded attack surface - technology and workforce
  • Thwarting COVID-19 themed phishing attacks
  • Securely rolling out new telehealth efforts
  • Remaining nimble and accommodating the needs of clinical staff on the front lines
  • Preparing for the next pandemic – best practices and lessons learned