Cyber Protection for Healthcare Data: Beyond the Pandemic

October 7, 10:00am, MDT - 11:00am, MDT




What you'll learn

Healthcare leaders talked about digital transformation for years; it took a pandemic to jumpstart actual progress on it. But greater use of remote applications (telehealth, work from home, videoconferencing) has exposed providers to new cybersecurity threats to uptime and data privacy. Targeted phishing has led to greater success and lethality of ransomware attacks on providers. This session examines recent security research on the business and tech trends that enabled this new threat environment, lessons learned by leading providers in protecting new remote-work applications, and tech strategies that providers can use to protect their critical data through the pandemic and beyond. 

Learning Points:

  • Review of recent security research on business and tech trends in healthcare
  • How pandemic-spurred digital transformation exposes providers to new cybersecurity threats
  • How and why cybercriminals are targeting providers with ransomware and other attacks
  • Strategies for protecting sensitive data against attacks on new telehealth and remote work and as well as legacy healthcare applications¬†