COVID-19s Impact on the Near and Long Term Future of US Healthcare

May 18, 10:00am, MDT - 11:00am, MDT




What you'll learn

Join leaders from Healthbox and two well respected healthcare provider executives, Andrew Lozier, Head of New Ventures & Business Incubation, OhioHealth and Sylvia Romm, Chief Innovation Officer, Atlantic Health System to discuss the near term future as the United States battles COVID-19 and then returns to a new normal.

Learning Points:

  • Expectations for what health systems will do while battling COVID-19
  • Projections for what US health systems will do once the COVID-19 threat has passed, particularly relative to changes in care delivery, considerations for workforce and consumers, reactions from providers, and more
  • How the recent changes in regulation, consumer behavior, health and safety considerations, and the economic downturn, and other forces are bringing rapid change to the provider landscape, including creating new opportunities for incumbents and disruptors alike