COVID-19 Crisis: Be Prepared!

September 1, 9:00am, MDT - 10:00am, MDT




What you'll learn

While COVID-19 has overwhelmed health systems and forced government around the world to impose extreme lockdown measures at the expense of the global economy, the current outbreak has forced many to admit “We were not ready for COVID-19”. What have we learned since the beginning of the outbreak? What measures are proving to be more efficient? What role will technology play in predicting, preventing and managing a possibly more devastating second wave?

Moderated by HIMSS Advisor for Latin America Dr. Mariano Groiso, this series of Digital Dialogues will travel around Latin America and engage health and technology experts to discuss how the different countries of the Region are confronting Covid19 with the help of their Information Systems.

Learning points:      

  • Internal Management. In what technological conditions has COVID-19 found us? How prepared were we? How relevant is the role of IT in confronting the emergency? Has COVID-19 modified the way in which we organize ourselves from the IT perspective to give response to our users’ needs?
  • Data sharing. Which is the role of information confidentiality in the context of the pandemic? How relevant is the integration of information to prevent new cases and waves? How applicable are in the region the models of apps developed in Korea, Singapore, Israel and other countries?
  • And now what? What opportunities does COVID-19 give us in the context of Digital Health? Which are the regional trends that can be accelerated more efficiently in this context? What will happen with IT investments in response to the financial crisis?