Bundled Payment: Achieving The Triple AIM

October 2, 12:00pm, MDT - 12:00pm, MDT


About this webinar

Meeting link: https://guillenl.my.webex.com/guillenl.my/j.php?MTID=m177a8c36ba9098c1797a3ea6f960581a

Meeting number: 627 165 451

Password: igcn7aRS


• Introduction
• Disclosures (when applicable)
• Showcase the impact of bundled payments on health systems and payers
• Review the history and future of bundled payments
• Discuss new executive-level considerations under value-based care
• Explore the process for designing and evaluating episodes
• Review approaches to determining episode payment rates and building bundle revenue models
• Outline the process for assessing readiness to go at-risk with a bundled payment contract
• Discuss implementation considerations